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Free Express International Shipping on orders over $150.00 (US) to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Macau, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Ireland and Netherlands, United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and China.
Dust Washed Boot-cut Jeans High-Waist Denim Miniskirt
Brand from SOUTH KOREA: Jean Stone. Color: Washed Black, Materials: N/A, Size: 25~30
Product Measurements: 25 : Waist 74cm, Hip 84cm, Waist to crotch 17cm, Total Length 97cm 26 : Waist 76cm, Hip 86cm, Waist to crotch 17.5cm, Total Length 98cm 27 : Waist 78cm, Hip 88cm, Waist to crotch 18cm, Total Length 99cm 28 : Waist 80cm, Hip 90cm, Waist to crotch 18.5cm, Total Length 100cm 29 : Waist 82cm, Hip 92cm, Waist to crotch 19cm, Total Length 101cm 30 : Waist 84cm, Hip 94cm, Waist to crotch 19.5cm, Total Length 102cm, Care: N/A

Price: 52.00
Brand from SOUTH KOREA: BBon-J. Color: Dark Blue, Materials: Denim, Size: 26, 27, 28
Product Measurements 26 - Body 64cm, Waist 74cm, Total Length 38cm 27 - Body 66cm, Waist 76cm, Total Length 38cm 28 - Body 68cm, Waist 78cm, Total Length 38cm, Care: Machine Wash Separately

Price: 70.00

Long Knit Vest Pin Tuck Sheer Blouse + Pencil Skirt
Brand from SOUTH KOREA: BBon-J. Color: N/A, Materials: Wool, Cotton, Size: One Size (44~66)
Product Measurements One Size - Shoulder 43cm, Bust 75~82cm, Total Length 78cm, Care:
Pink - Dry Clean Yellow - Machine Wash

Price: 50.00
Brand from SOUTH KOREA: IZAR. Color: Blouse : Beige, Black, Ivory / Skirt : Navy, Ivory, Orange, Materials: N/A, Size: Blouse : S, M Skirt : S, M, L
Product Measurements: Blouse S : Bust 84cm, Shoulder 32cm, Sleeve 21cm M : Bust 88cm, Shoulder 33cm, Sleeve 21cm Skirt S : Waist 75cm, Hip 92cm, Total Length 54cm M : Waist 78cm, Hip 96cm, Total Length 54cm L : Waist 82cm, Hip 102cm, Total Length 54cm, Care: Dry Clean

Price: 35.00

Career Slacks Leather Ballet Flats
Brand from SOUTH KOREA: BLOSSOM. Color: Gray, Materials: 70% Polyester 30% Rayon, Size: S, M
Product Measurements: S : Waist 71cm, Hip 80cm, Waist to crotch 20cm, Total Length 106cm M : Waist 76cm, Hip 85cm, Waist to crotch 20cm, Total Length 106cm, Care: Dry Clean

Price: 70.00
The reinvented ballet flat for everyday wear, this supple leather footwear gives any outfit of yours a chic spin. Considered Mary Janes with an elasticized ankle strap, these can keep up with the pace of your life. Leather. By Blingstyle, South Korea. Brand from SOUTH KOREA: Blingstyle Shoes. Color: Ivory, Beige, Brown, Black, Materials: Leather, Size: 230~250mm, Heel : 1cm
, Care: N/A

Price: 70.00

Wing Shape Field Bag V-Neck Knitted Dress
Brand from SOUTH KOREA: GOOGIMS. Color: Black, Materials: 100% Cotton, Size: One size
Product Measurements: One size : 39cm by 25cm by 45cm, Strap Length 35cm, Pouch : Diameter - 9.5cm, Crossbody Strap : 130cm~75cm, Care: N/A

Price: 85.00
Scintillating with golden metallic thread and baggy form, this knit dress is the ideal balance between details and fashion. The ribbed V-neck, hem and cuffs ensure you can pull off a voluminous silhouette, not the dress wearing you. Rayon and polyester blend. By Baba Alice, South Korea. Brand from SOUTH KOREA: Baba Alice. Color: Brown, Ivory, Black, Beige, Materials: Rayon, Polyester, Size: One size (55~66)
Product Measurements: One size : Bust 90cm, Sleeve Length 59cm, Total Length 82cm, Care: N/A

Price: 52.00

Narrow Woven Belt Button Tab Floral Print Minidress
With a woven surface, this belt is an understated yet flavored accessory. The addition of square metal buckle and metal hoop accent give this belt all the more detail to dress up your casual coordinates. Ideal for small belt loops. By Alphamale, South Korea. Brand from SOUTH KOREA: Alphamale. Color: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, White, Materials: N/A, Size: One Size
Product Measurements: One Size : Total Length 196cm, Width 2cm, Care: N/A

Price: 40.00
For a more playful and cute approach to dressing up. The large floral print of the body contrasts with the black top part and hem. Button tab straps accentuate the dolly appeal of this mini. By Iravin, South Korea. Brand from SOUTH KOREA: Iravin. Color: Green, Gray, Beige, Materials: N/A, Size: One Size (44~66)
Product Measurements One Size - Shoulder 36cm, Bust 86cm, Hem 138cm, Total Length 82cm, Care: N/A

Price: 52.20


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